The new, affordable and feature packed hearing aid

Hear-Clear Australia is excited to offer a feature-packed, robust and elegant hearing aid at an affordable price. It may be a cheap price but it isn’t cheap quality.

The Orion 2 which is manufactured by Siemens, is ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit. So small and discrete, it is barely visible when worn. But it is rugged, as the nanocoat protects it from moisture and dirt.

Its automatic directional microphone will focus on the person who is speaking, helping you hear in noisy situations. Plus it can be adapted to your specific listening situations and it has feedback controls that prevent the annoying whistling of older hearing aids.

Furthermore, if you experience tinnitus, it has a built masker that can cover those distressing buzzes while helping you to hear clearer.

Wireless connectivity which enables your hearing aid connect to your mobile phone is also part of this amazing hearing aid. You won’t miss out on phone calls again as you can hear the phone call directly into your hearing aids. The Orion 2 utilises a lightweight device known as easyTek which is worn around your neck. This can be used as a remote control to adjust your hearing aids or to answer and respond to phone calls. Even better it can be linked to an app on your smart phone so you can make changes on your phone. Even more discrete and simple.

As Katie Rahman says, “This is truly affordable solution for people who are missing out on hearing the joys of life. Whether it’s a child voice, a family conversation or the rustle of leaves, this hearing aid will get you hearing them again.”

Normally priced at $2500 for a pair of hearing aids, for the month of July 2017, Hear-Clear Australia is offering the Orion 2 at the unbeatable price of $1990 for a pair.

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