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Oticon Opn Helps People Hear Better

oticon opn award

Katie Rahman and Bruce Allen of Hear-Clear Australia recently attended a hearing care conference, with only 60 other leading hearing care professionals to gain a deeper level of understanding and received training on Oticon’s newest and most advanced hearing aid – the Opn™. Katie and Bruce are two of the first hearing care professionals in Australia to offer Oticon Opn, a revolutionary new hearing ...[Read More]

Hearing Awareness Week 2016

hearing awareness

FREE Hearing Seminar Thursday 25 August at 11am “Rediscover the joy of hearing” Sounds evoke memories and emotions. Research has shown that the part of the brain responsible for our senses is also responsible for storing memories. Bruce Allen of Hear Clear Australia fondly recalls as a young child falling asleep to the distant sound of steam trains chugging up the ridge between Como and Sutherland ...[Read More]

Introducing the Linx– A Smart Hearing Aid

iPhone, apple watch and Linx hearing aids

Making hearing aids so small, they are practically invisible has meant manufacturers now need to find ways for you to easily change the settings. While some manufacturers have designed small hand-held remotes, GN Resound has created a hearing aid that can be adjusted by using a program on your iPhone, Apple watch, iPad or iPod. Now that is a Smart Hearing Aid and it is called a Linx. By linking th ...[Read More]

Save up to $5000 on leading brand hearing aids

$5000 off alta pro 2 hearing aids

Are you looking for high quality hearing aids at an affordable price? Hear Clear Australia has an unbeatable offer; you can save up to $5000 on Oticon hearing aids including models Alta Pro 2 (save up to $5000) and Nera Pro 2 (save up to $2500), when you buy them from us. These hearing aids come loaded with special features. Not only do they help you hear sound as natural as possible, they are com ...[Read More]