To help you hear well and improve your lifestyle through modern hearing technology, we are posting regular news items here. Keep updated with the latest developments in hearing research and hearing aid technology as well as our tips for better hearing.

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Save up to $5000 on leading brand hearing aids

$5000 off alta pro 2 hearing aids

Are you looking for high quality hearing aids at an affordable price? Hear Clear Australia has an unbeatable offer; you can save up to $5000 on Oticon hearing aids including models Alta Pro 2 (save up to $5000) and Nera Pro 2 (save up to $2500), when you buy them from us. These hearing aids come loaded with special features. Not only do they help you hear sound as natural as possible, they are com ...[Read More]

10% off hearing aids

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To celebrate NSW Seniors Week, we are offering 10% off hearing aids for Seniors in April. That is one month of discounts for eligible customers over the age of 60 years. As we get older, our hearing like our eyesight gradually diminishes. But with hearing the changes can be small and it is often our family members who notice first. It may start with the simple misunderstanding of words, then the n ...[Read More]

Hear Clear celebrates one year in the Hills

Bruce Allen talking about hearing tactics

Hear Clear Australia has been providing hearing services to the people of the Hills District for over one year. To celebrate, we threw a party for our clients. On Thursday 10th March, over 20 people crowded into our clinic at Dural to hear Bruce Allen of Hear-Clear speak on “More than just Hearing Aids”. He shared his Tips and Tactics as well as cost-effective alternative Technology that help peop ...[Read More]

Tinnitus is ringing in the ears

tinnitus ringing in mature woman's ear

Do you ever hear sounds when there is no external noise present? This is a condition known as Tinnitus and it is quite common. Up to one-third of the population will experience tinnitus at some time in their life but fortunately only about 2% find it debilitating. For some people, the noises come and go and for others, they are always present. It is often described as “ringing” but it can also sou ...[Read More]