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Hearing loss linked to brain shrinkage

a blue outline of the human brain

Are you ignoring your gradual loss of hearing? Perhaps you are procrastinating about getting it checked? New research by Dr Frank Lin from John Hopkins University has found that untreated hearing loss may accelerate the onset of dementia. Previous research found a link between brain changes and hearing loss. Dr Lin was keen to find out if the changes were caused by the hearing loss or vice versa. ...[Read More]

Hearing aid helps the brain hear

Our ears are miracle workers. Small organs lined with delicate “hair cells” collect and transmit sound vibrations to be interpreted by our brains. Our hearing sense makes us aware of danger, discern the beauty of music and communicate and connect with people around us. Hearing is precious and when it starts to fade with age or injury, it is time to get hearing aids. Until recently, hearing aid tec ...[Read More]

Making a difference

Katie Rahman is passionate about helping her community. A local resident in the Baulkham Hills Shire, and a fully qualified audiometrist, Katie is now using her skills to help local people hear better. Katie saw first hand in her birth country of Bangladesh, how the lack of hearing services held people back. While her home is here with her husband Ricky and two young children, she still takes time ...[Read More]