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Is your TV loud but not clear?

TV watching couple

Is your television hard to understand? People with a hearing loss find the sound of the television unclear and hard to understand. One solution they try is to turn up the volume. But this can be hard for people around them. Bruce Allen of Hear-Clear once received a thank you note from the neighbours of one of his clients. They called him ‘Mr Noisy’ because the noise of his television was causing u ...[Read More]

Hearing in background noise

Older couple eating and talking in noisy cafe

“I can’t hear in background noise” is a very common complaint for people of all ages, straining to hear in cafes and restaurants. “I’m tired of smiling and pretending I know what is going on.” “The good news is that modern digital hearing aids have changed the way hearing aid wearers cope with noisy situations.” says Katie Rahman of Hear-Clear Australia. The latest design of hearing aids have seve ...[Read More]

Hearing Awareness Week 2015

Hearing Awareness Week 2015

Hearing loss is often referred to as the “invisible disability”. Untreated hearing loss creates isolation, stigma and reduces the quality of life and relationships. Unfortunately many people are unaware of what they cannot hear. Katie Rahman of Hear-Clear says “Hearing loss due to age usually occurs very slowly, so slowly that the person doesn’t notice. Many people adjust their behaviour to cope. ...[Read More]

Age-related hearing loss may be a safety hazard

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Hearing loss may be a safety hazard and cause elderly people to trip and fall. The risk of falling increases significantly with age. Until recently, doctors tended to consider vision, balance and medication as the possible cause. New research has now linked trips and falls with hearing loss. Age-related hearing loss, also known as presbycusis is caused by changes to ear. This makes it harder to he ...[Read More]