The No-Fuss Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Hearing aid technology just got a whole lot better with the introduction of rechargeable hearing aids. Hear-Clear Australia is accredited to supply and fit the new Siemens Cellion Primax Hearing Aid with revolutionary battery free operation.

Why would I buy a rechargeable hearing aid?

Katie Rahman of Hear-Clear Australia says “Our clients just love the newer discrete and practically invisible hearing aids. With this hearing aid, you don’t have to struggle with changing the tiny batteries or have to remember to always have spares when you are out and about. With this hearing aid, you simply pop it in the charger overnight and it’s ready to go in the morning.”

How long does the charge last?

“It’s extraordinary, just four hours in the charger delivers 24 hours of continuous hearing. Plus, the charger acts like a dehumidifier which means you’ll get greater reliability and longer life out of the hearing aid” says Katie.

But is it more fragile because of this new technology?

“On the contrary,” she says, “the new rechargeable hearing aid is more robust. The outer shell is resistant to dust and moisture and because it doesn’t have a battery door it is completely sealed for greater protection.”

Is it less effective because it’s rechargeable?

Bruce Allen of Hear-Clear Australia says “Just like mobile phones and cameras, rechargeable technology has caught up with hearing aids. Our clients are reporting excellent sound performance and the directional microphones reduce background noise.”

“These days,” he added, “everyone uses the telephone and watches television, these hearing aids improve your listening by connecting wirelessly to these devices.”

Find out more about the Cellion primax; the hearing aids that lasts a whole day on a single charge.

Don’t delay, make an appointment to discuss your hearing needs and find out if you can benefit from this amazing new hearing aid.

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