Oricom Care100 Amplified Big Button Phone

This popular big button amplified phone features a uniquely shaped handpiece and fantastic earpiece amplification making it ideal for people who are hard of hearing. The phone has an extra loud power boosted ringer, tone control, super bright flashing ring indicator, big button high contrast keypad, 12 one touch memories, and an easy grip handset.

Oricom Care 80 Corded Telephone

The Care 80 is the perfect phone for people suffering with moderate to severe hearing loss or low vision. The user friendly corded phone has 6 large one touch picture memory buttons. The phone also features an amplified receiver, extra loud ringer, bright visual ring indicator and is hearing aid compatible.

Oricom PRO910-1 Amplified Phone Combo

The PRO910 is a combo system that includes a cordless phone, answering system and corded phone. This phone uses high quality components and innovative acoustic design to provide crystal clear amplified comversations. The product has been designed to maximize the user’s ability to hear and see the phone ring and enhance the ability to talk to friends and family over the phone.

The Sennheiser RS5000

Can be customised to cater to your specific needs, including volume control, sound profile and speech clarity, all at the touch of a button. It’s elegant, wireless and lightweight for your freedom and comfort.

The Sennheiser 840-S Loop

A RF stereo TV listening system and is especially suited for those who wear hearing aids. Easily connected to a TV, hi-fi system or radio, Set 840 S produces excellent sound, delivered directly to your ears.

The sound is transmitted from the receiver to the hearing aid via wireless induction over the induction loop that is included in the scope of delivery. Alternatively, you can connect headphones or induction couplers to the lightweight clip-on receiver.

The Sennheiser RS195

Offers exceptional sound which can be fully personalised to your hearing requirements. Transmitting at distances up to 100 metres, you’re free to move around the house as you listen.

We supply & fit all leading brands of hearing aids

Oticon Opn hearing aid

Our hearing clinics  in Bella Vista/Norwest, Dural & Penrith fit all leading brands of hearing aids.

Our audiologist and audiometrist are experts in helping you choose the best ones for you.

Our affordable pricing and excellent service makes finding the right hearing solution easy.


These modern devices are technologically advanced and have many advantages including:

  • They are small, discreet and almost undetectable; this means most people have no idea you are wearing them,
  • They are so light and comfortable that some people forget they are wearing them,
  • They are able to minimise background noise which is important in workplaces or noisy restaurants,
  • Modern hearing aids are extremely reliable and easy for you to take care of and look after,
  • A pair of hearing aids can communicate with each other to focus in the direction of the speaker,
  • Plus, some models can be linked to your mobile phone with a Bluetooth device so that the caller is heard through your aids directly into your ear,
  • The latest devices help your brain process speech so it sounds even clearer.

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