With so many choices of styles and models available, many people ask “how do I choose the best hearing aid?”

Bruce Allen of Hear-Clear Australia says “We believe in making sure that every person takes account of these five factors when thinking about choosing their hearing aid. It can be overwhelming so it’s a good idea to talk these through with your hearing professional.”

1. Hearing Loss is the single most important factor. If you have a severe hearing loss, this will narrow the choice of hearing aids that work for you. If you have mild to moderate loss, you will have more options.
2. Lifestyle is a significant consideration. If you lead a quiet fairly solitary life you will need a different hearing aid to a person with lot of social interaction. Again, we will ask you if you want to listen to music, hear conversation on a windy golf course or be able to pick up critical details in a business meeting.
3. Management is an often overlooked factor. Many modern hearing aids are small and can be hard to manipulate if you have advanced arthritis.
4. Budget is an obvious factor. How much you want to spend on your hearing aid is an important consideration when we select the options to offer you.
5. Cosmetic is often the client’s most important need. Some people want a completely invisible hearing aid, while others want it to blend with their hair colour and sometimes, the more extrovert are drawn to bright colours and wear their hearing aid like a fashion accessory.

“Every person is an individual,” says Katie Rahman of Hear-Clear Australia. “Our process is to take some time to get to know each client. We can then help them decide the most important factors in choosing a hearing aid. Sometimes we can’t tick all the boxes but we can help a client set their priority.”

If improving hearing is your priority, talk to Katie about making your choice today on 9653 7379