Hearing Aids Repairs

Hear-Clear Australia’s hearing clinics in Dural and Galston provide hearing aids repairs to all popular brands of aids.

Advances in technology have transformed modern hearing aids. The once bulky, uncomfortable and unsightly device is mostly a thing of the past. Lightweight, reliable and comfortable hearing aids can be fitted to most hearing losses.

While, modern hearing aids give the gift of improved hearing, to get optimum performance from your aid, it’s important to maintain them regularly. Some of the hearing aid problems you may experience include:

  • You may have no sound in your hearing aid;
  • The volume in your hearing aid may be not loud enough;
  • Whistling noise in your hearing aid;
  • Feedback in your hearing aid;
  • The sound in your hearing aid is distorted or unclear;
  • You may have intermittent sound in your hearing aid;
  • Static, buzzing or crackling in your hearing aid.

Sometimes, you can fix the problem yourself using our handy troubleshooting guide. However, if that doesn’t work, bring them to the clinic to be checked by the professionals.

Our expert staff can get your hearing aid working again.

Cleaning hearing aid with special brush

Clean your hearing aid with the brush provided to keep it free of wax. Do this weekly at home.

Hearing aid repairs parts

Parts of a hearing aid, only the professionals should do this. Don’t do this at home.




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