Hearing Tests

Hear Clear Australia offers quick hearing checks as well as full hearing tests at our Dural and Galston clinics. Our hearing clinics are equipped with the latest technology and up-to-date equipment.

Our expert audiological staff are highly trained to test your hearing and find the best solution for your hearing loss, or hearing difficulties.

You may be reluctant to get your hearing tested. Most of us think that we can get by; reading body language, asking for people to repeat what they say or just nodding along with the conversation.

However, walking into our clinic for a hearing test is a simple step to improved hearing and a better quality of life. You may be surprised to find out what you have been missing.

Our friendly and knowledgeable audiological staff can give you advice on the best hearing aids for you. They also have advice about devices to help you hear the TV or use the telephone. They even have tips for eating in noisy restaurants.

Hear Clear Australia’s hearing clinics in Dural and Galston have regular special offers on hearing tests and hearing aids.

Don’t waste a moment- a hearing check is simple and easy. You won’t miss out on the conversation again. Contact our hearing clinic to make an appointment today.

Grandparents talking to grandchildren at dinner

Hearing grandchildren clearly is such a joy

Hearing Test in booth at Dural Clinic

Katie doing a hearing test at Dural Clinic




Call Phone 9651 7379 for an appointment at our Dural, Galston, Bella Vista Norwest and Penrith Clinics, use our handy contact form or email us on admin@hear-clear.com.au