Our company policy is that you pay the full price for the hearing aids on the day of fitting. If you are not satisfied with the hearing aids performance within 30 days, a refund (less $250) will be made.

The hearing aid/s, price includes-

  • Fitting fee
  • 3 follow up/adjustments for first 12 months
  • 12 months’ supply of batteries and domes
  • Three year warranty of the hearing aids
  • Damage cause due to customer neglect or willful damage is not included as part of the warranty
  • Any accessories have a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Follow Up (beyond first 12 months)

Further adjustments and follow-up visits beyond the first 12 months will cost you an additional $100.00 per visit (excludes fee for hearing tests).


Hearing aid/s repair during warranty period will not incur any fees; unless there has been damage beyond repair (water or accidentally damage). All repairs are sent to the manufacturer and will take approximately 10 days to be returned. Most manufacturers offer a VIP service (serviced within 72 hours) which will incur additional charges. Charges for repair of hearing aids that are out of warranty vary and it is possible to obtain a quote before going ahead with repairs.

Insure your Hearing Aid/s

Your hearing aid is a valuable piece of equipment that needs to be looked after with great care; this includes cleaning them on a daily basis. It is highly recommended that you insure them. We hope that you are satisfied with the service you have received and ask you to contact us if you have any queries.

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