We supply & fit all leading brands of hearing aids

Oticon Opn hearing aid

Our hearing clinics  in Bella Vista/Norwest, Dural & Penrith fit all leading brands of hearing aids.

Our audiologist and audiometrist are experts in helping you choose the best ones for you.

Our affordable pricing and excellent service makes finding the right hearing solution easy.


These modern devices are technologically advanced and have many advantages including:

  • They are small, discreet and almost undetectable; this means most people have no idea you are wearing them,
  • They are so light and comfortable that some people forget they are wearing them,
  • They are able to minimise background noise which is important in workplaces or noisy restaurants,
  • Modern hearing aids are extremely reliable and easy for you to take care of and look after,
  • A pair of hearing aids can communicate with each other to focus in the direction of the speaker,
  • Plus, some models can be linked to your mobile phone with a Bluetooth device so that the caller is heard through your aids directly into your ear,
  • The latest devices help your brain process speech so it sounds even clearer.

10 reasons to choose Hear Clear Australia

When you buy from us…
Comprehensive Hearing Assessment  FREE
Custom hearing aid fitting & programming  FREE
Appointment to fine-tune your new hearing aids  FREE
1-year supply of premium hearing aid batteries  FREE
Hearing aid cleaning, minor servicing & maintenance  FREE
Take advantage of your private health insurance rebates  FREE
3-year manufacturer product warranty (min)  FREE
Custom ear moulds (if needed)  FREE
Choice of colours FREE
FREE for 1-year, hearing aid adjustments & service FREE