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Safeline Retention Cords – Keeping You Active And Enjoying The Things You Love!

Hearing aids are a great help – when they’re on [...]

Connect Your Hearing Aids to your Smartphone, Computer or Tablet Using Bluetooth

ConnectClip from Oticon connects hearing aids to a smartphone, computer or [...]

Do You Struggle to Hear in Noisy Environments?

Do you or a loved one sometimes struggle to hear [...]

Did You Know That Bananas Can Protect You Against Hearing Loss?

Studies now show a link between nutritional deficiency and hearing [...]

5 Reasons to Treat your Hearing Loss Today!

You’ve gradually noticed that you have a little hearing loss. [...]

What is single-sided deafness?

Do you have a “better ear?” Is it easier to [...]

*Get a Complimentary Charger Valued at $495 until June 30th

Pure Charge&Go Nx. The most natural own voice with convenient [...]

Did you Hear Yanny? Well it’s Technically Laurel – Here’s Why!

A short audio clip taken from the internet is confusing [...]

Upgrade to the new rechargebale hearing aid system at Hear Clear Australia today!

Upgrade to the new rechargebale hearing aid system at Hear [...]


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