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6 common hearing aid problems you can fix yourself

6 common hearing aid problems you can fix yourself

Hear-Clear Australia can fix hearing aid problems in all makes and models. But you can save yourself time and money by using our helpful troubleshooting guide to resolve the problem yourself. Problem My hearing aid is dead What you can do Check the battery door is closed Change the battery Clean your ear piece with your hearing aid brush If this doesn’t work, bring the aid in to be checked.   ...[Read More]

Invisible hearing aids

Invisible hearing aids

Here are the pros and cons of two types of hearing aids: the CIC or Completely in Canal hearing aid vs the RIC or Receiver in Canal hearing aid First the CIC hearing aid, which people often choose as it is practically invisible when worn. While it may be cosmetically appealing it has a number of short comings.   Pros Cosmetically appealing. Works well with any phone. Less prone to wind noise ...[Read More]

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“Invisible Hearing Aids- Are they a good hearing solution?” Everyone is talking about the invisible hearing aid that is placed deep in your ear canal. Completely unseen to the naked eye, no-one would know you are wearing one. But are they the best hearing solution for everyone? Bruce Allen of Hear Clear Australia says “Hearing technology has progressed a great deal in the last few years. Obviously ...[Read More]

Hearing Awareness Week 2017

It’s Hearing Awareness Week all month at Hear Clear Hearing loss is often referred to as the “invisible disability”. We humans love to communicate and many people are missing out because they aren’t aware of what they cannot hear. Yet having a hearing loss can create a sense of isolation and reduce our quality of life and relationships. Katie Rahman of Hear-Clear says “Hearing loss due to age usua ...[Read More]