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Staying connected in the time of coronavirus

The world has entered a strange and uncertain period. For [...]

RFS Crew Leader finds success with Oticon Opn S™ at Hear Clear Australia

Local Blue Mountains resident Steve, a volunteer crew leader with [...]

Hearing Healthcare Appointments in the Palm of your Hand

Hearing healthcare appointments in the palm of your hand With [...]

Hear-Clear Is Open For You

Our hearing clinics are deemed an essential business so we [...]

How to talk to a loved one about their hearing (loss)

The family is seated around the table for Sunday night [...]

Is hearing loss draining your brain?

We are all suffering the pressures of a modern world. [...]

Is it time for a concerted public health campaign on hearing? on Life Matters with Hilary Harper and Michael Mackenzie

Does this sound familiar ? "I'm not deaf, you're mumbling" [...]

Research Finds Memory Loss In Older Adults Linked To Hearing Loss, Not Alzeihemer’s.

In Australia today there are an estimated 413,000 Australians living [...]

Hear Clear Australia We Triple Your Savings This Christmas!

From now until Christmas, 25th of December, Hear Clear Australia [...]