Just some of the clients reviews we have received

I didn’t have great expectations that a hearing aid could help me as my hearing wasn’t too bad. I just thought it was part of ageing. But my daughter said she was tired of having to repeat herself in a loud voice so I came to Hear-Clear and I had some modern hearing aids fitted. I was so surprised at what I could hear- all the little things; bird noise, the sound of paper and the rain. My daughter says we can have quiet conversation again. But the best part is being able to hear in the back seat of the car when we go on a country drive. Thank you so much for all your help.

Dorothea aged 90

I visited healer at Dural to ask about repairs to my existing hearing aids.

Katie requested my details from Australian Hearing to enable her to effect repairs

On receiving my details it showed that they were approximately 10 years old.

Katie and Bruce suggested ai have a hearing test to evaluate my current hearing.

This showed that my hearing loss had reduced, and needed to upgrade my hearing aids,

The result being with upgraded hearing aids I now can hear more clearly hear the telephone, speech, TV etc.

I can recommend “Hear Clear” to anyone who requires any repairs, tests etc as Katie ad Bruce are very professional in this field.

Norma Rasker

After a number of appointments in which we tuned Eunices’ ait to better suit her lifestyle she reports her relationship with Geoff her husband is so much better,

Eunice reports that before her new hearing aid fitting Geoff has to repeat 2 or 3 times to get the message across causing frustration and stress.

Now communication s easier, with better hearing she can now relax, into the flow of normal communication with her husband and others.


Dear Katie,

Ever since I came about 6 months ago the hearing aids have been a blessing.

They are comfortable and the attention I receive from Katie has always been cuertious and helpful.

Anyone needing attention with their hearing I can sincerely recommend Hear Clear Australia

Bill Hayward

I have known for over 20 years that I suffered with hearing loss, but like most people I didn’t want to face the reality of wearing hearing aids. The final triggers for me was my son telling me that during the important business meeting I was nodding in agreement with what people were saying, however he knew that I couldn’t hear what was being said. Sadly he was correct.

Time to do something about it. I made an appointment with Hear Clear at Dural, met with Bruce and Katie, went through the hearing tests and made the decision to proceed. I ultimately opted for the Oticon Alta Pro 2 invisible wireless hearing aids the immediate results were amazing.

I couldn’t believe it. Most importantly the type that I chose are virtually invisible, even when people know that I am wearing them they can’t actually see them.

Katie and Brice have been wonderful, from the initial consultation to the end I could not fault their knowledge, advice and most importantly their professionalism.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hear Clear to anyone that finds themselves in the same position that I was. I have not only improved my lifestyle but I never realised the positive effect that my improved hearing would have on those around me.

Glenn - Middle Dural

Dear Katie

Five months have elapsed since I was fitted with my hearing aids, during which time I have come to realise just how long I had unnecessarily endured loss of hearing. I should have consulted HEAR CLEAR much sooner!!

Thanks to your expertise and patience Katie, I can now enjoy so much more socially, especially when I have the bonus of the mobile to enhance long distance sounds i.e at the theater etc

Yes, Hear Clear has done wonders for me and I have no hesitation in recommending Hear Clear to anyone with a hearing problem.

B Marriot

Katie was friendly and showed genuine care in helping my husband with his hearing loss

Dayana Liza

I have suffered from deafness for approximately ten years but have only just purchased my first hearing aids from Hear Clear at Dural.

Katie has been so helpful to me and I will never know why I waited for so long to be back in the real world again and not missing out on conversations.

Thank you so much

Thanks Katie and Bruce from Hear Clear Dural