Invisible hearing aids

Here are the pros and cons of two types of hearing aids: the CIC or Completely in Canal hearing aid vs the RIC or Receiver in Canal hearing aid

First the CIC hearing aid, which people often choose as it is practically invisible when worn. While it may be cosmetically appealing it has a number of short comings.


  • Cosmetically appealing.
  • Works well with any phone.
  • Less prone to wind noise
  • Uses whole ear or pinna effect for directional hearing
    CIC Completely in the canal hearing aid

    The CIC completely in the Canal hearing aid


  • Not suited to all losses
  • Not suited to all ear canals
  • Very short battery life
  • Very difficult to manage, placement in ear and battery change
  • Bluetooth connectivity is more complex
  • Can be uncomfortable due to need for very tight fit
  • Not as robust as bigger aids, needs more repairs
  • More expensive for repairs and batteries.
  • Noise reduction is not as good.

Next the RIC hearing aid which is more comfortable, more robust and more economical.

hearing aid in hand

RIC hearing aid is very small


  • Cosmetically appealing and more comfortable
  • Easier to place in the ear and suits all ear canals
  • Easier to manage – on board controls & rechargeable batteries.
  • Better noise reduction with directional microphones
  • Suits all losses except profound loss.
  • More connectivity with Bluetooth and T coil functions.
  • More robust & most repairs done at the clinic.
  • Cheaper to maintain


  • Some would argue that these are more visible.
  • Cheaper aids are more difficult to connect to mobile phones
  • So comfortable, people forget they have them on

Talk to us today about your hearing needs and we will help you choose the best hearing aid to suit you and your lifestyle.

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