Oticon Opn Helps People Hear Better

Katie Rahman and Bruce Allen of Hear-Clear Australia recently attended a hearing care conference, with only 60 other leading hearing care professionals to gain a deeper level of understanding and received training on Oticon’s newest and most advanced hearing aid – the Opn™.

Katie and Bruce are two of the first hearing care professionals in Australia to offer Oticon Opn, a revolutionary new hearing aid with BrainHearing™ technology. With new Oticon Opn, research now shows that people hear better with less effort even in challenging listening situations like restaurants or social gatherings.

Most people assume that hearing is something that happens in your ears. In fact, it’s actually in your brain that sound becomes information that has meaning.

“With hearing loss, the sound signal that the brain is accustomed to processing is different,” says Katie Rahman “The brain has to work harder to fill in the blanks. That’s why hearing loss can be so tiring and can drain the mental energy people need for everyday activities.”

Luckily, the newest hearing solutions with BrainHearing™ technology offer exciting, new choices for people with hearing loss.

“Oticon Opn is the first hearing aid proven to make it easier on the brain,” explains Bruce Allen “Testing consistently shows that Opn increases speech understanding and requires less listening effort.”

Oticon Opn also offers easy connectivity to a variety of smartphones and other devices. A free, downloadable Oticon Opn app lets wearers control volume, program or device selection and other functions with just a tap of their smartphone.

“Oticon Opn is also designed with an eye to the future,” adds Katie “It is the world’s first hearing aid that connects to the internet via the If This Then That network. Wearers can connect to a range of IFTTT-enabled devices used in everyday life such as door bells, domestic lighting systems and a variety of home appliances. This takes wearable devices to another level.

To learn more about hearing health and the new Oticon Opn hearing aids, phone Hear-Clear on 9634 7379 to arrange an appointment.

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