Top tips to hear better in winter!

It’s officially winter in the southern hemisphere… Are you prepared? Oticon has put together their top tips for surviving winter with hearing loss. Read on for your fool proof guide to winter with hearing aids.

Keep your hearing devices dry
Oticon hearing aids have a high level of water resistance with their nano coating, however it’s important to remember that they are electronic devices and work best when kept away from water. If your devices do get wet in a downpour of rain, or by moving from cold to hot environments, you should take the battery out and place your hearing device in a dry aid kit with the battery door open, overnight if possible. If you don’t have a dry aid cup, then just keep them in a warm, dry and safe area overnight with the battery door open and the battery removed.

Carry spare batteries
The batteries in your hearing aids may struggle to work in temperatures close to zero. If you’re living in the coldest parts of Australia or are visiting the snowfields this winter, try to store them at room temperature when you’re not out and about. If you’re lucky enough to go skiing or boarding this winter, carry a packet of batteries in your warm ski jacket and remember to dry out your aids overnight. The hearing devices will be subjected to condensation in the extreme temperature changes from outdoors to indoors.

To ski or not to ski?
Wondering whether it’s safer to wear your hearing aids on the slopes or leave them behind? If you’re new to skiing or boarding, it’s a good idea to wear your hearing aids on a run so you can hear people if they come too close or start to overtake you. Being able to hear potential hazards can be key to avoiding an accident when taking part in winter sports. Just make sure you carefully position your beanie or helmet so that the microphone isn’t covered, otherwise you may experience the whistle of feedback. You’ll also need to make sure your hearing aids are well-secured by a hat or headband to prevent them flying off in a jump or tumble.

Don’t leave them behind when you go out!
Winter is the perfect time for indoor activities like going to the movies, concerts and theatres or visiting art galleries. Many venues now have resources for people who wear hearing aids. Some offer closed captions where you’re provided with a little screen to read the dialogue, others offer a loop system, which is great if your hearing aids have a telecoil or streamer. Galleries will also often run smaller tour groups for people with hearing loss. You can check the access pages of the venue that you’re attending to find out what assistance is available.

Stay in and catch up on your favourite TV series
It’s cold and dark outside. There’s no better time of year to hibernate, order in pizza and watch back-to-back TV on Netflix. If you’re struggling to hear your TV at a comfortable level even with hearing devices then talk to your hearing care provider about a TV adaptor which will stream the sound straight from the TV to your hearing devices at a volume of your choice without affecting anyone else in the room. Oticon Opn hearing aids use Bluetooth technology to connect to your TV adapter, without the use of a streamer. Find out more here:

If you’re experiencing any other difficulties with your hearing aids or it’s time to upgrade and take advantage of the latest technology, call Hear-Clear Australia to discuss the available solutions.

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